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Agile Myth Busting Is There Really No Documentation in Agile ? w/ Anil Jaising

Dave Prior
Reading: Agile Myth Busting Is There Really No Documentation in Agile ? w/ Anil Jaising

One of the common misconceptions about Agile is that there’s no documentation. This simply isn’t true. The second line of the Agile Manifesto reads: 

“Working software over comprehensive documentation”

This doesn’t mean that we don’t have documentation. It just means that the folks who created the manifesto did not see the value in delivering the documentation at the expense of delivering working, tested software.

In a recent Certified ScrumMaster class in NYC, one student raised an issue she was experiencing with her Development Team who is deeply committed to the “no documentation” camp. In this podcast, Dave Prior is joined by Anil Jaising (who helped to facilitate the New York class) to discuss the myth of no documentation, the truth about documentation in Agile, and how that can play out in a highly regulated/audited environment.

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