Alistair Cockburn and Maria Matarelli on SG2017, Heart of Agile 2017, DJ’ing, Tango & more…


Last week at the 2017 Scrum Gathering in San Diego, Dave Prior had a chance to sit down with Maria Matarelli and Alistair Cockburn to discuss the 2017 Heart of Agile Conference in Pittsburgh on April 27-28, Guest Leadership, the importance of dancing at conferences, Maria’s budding career as a DJ, her upcoming humanitarian work in New Zealand as well as her Agile Lifestyles event that will be live streamed from a stadium in New Zealand on May 3 (US time)… and of course… the Tango.

If you’d like to learn more about the 2017 Heart of Agile Conference being held in Pittsburgh on April 27-28, follow this link:

Links from the Podcast

The Scrum Alliance has posted the presentations from the 2017 Scrum Gathering in San Diego on their site. You can find them here:

For more information Guest Leadership please check here:

Maria’s presentation in New Zealand on May 4th at 9 AM New Zealand time / May 3rd at 4 PM EST

Dave’s previous interview with Alistair Cockburn on Designing Quality of Life

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Contacting Maria



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