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Organizational Systems & Catalyzing Change

Dave Prior Senior Consultant/CST-CRM Specialist
Reading: Organizational Systems & Catalyzing Change
Organizational Systems & Catalyzing Change

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In this episode of SoundNotes, Matt Craig joins Dave for a discussion that centers around comparing the way biological systems and businesses function and respond to change. In a biological system, enzymes bring elements together that catalyze reactions and keep iterating until they find an effective response. (Think of the body’s immune system learning to fight off a cold.) At LeadingAgile, our coaches and consultants serve in a similar manner helping to catalyze change within our client’s organizations. Matt is a Principal Consultant at LeadingAgile and he specializes in strategic and sustainable organizational health and improvement. But his background also includes the study of medicine and this has led to compelling insights into the parallels that exist between biological and organizational systems and how they respond to foreign elements and change.

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