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Building and Maintaining Your Product Backlog

Dave Prior Senior Consultant/CST-CRM Specialist
Reading: Building and Maintaining Your Product Backlog

In this version of our Sound Notes podcast, Adam Asch and Dave Prior discuss how to build and refine a well formed Product Backlog. Adam also shares some techniques for determining which elements of the Product Backlog need to be prioritized to the top of the list and how much of those top priority items need to be worked on up front.

Show Notes:

Podcast Intro 00:08
Topic Intro 01:00
Advice on getting started with building your backlog 1:36
Focusing on Epics and Themes 02:18
Where do User Stories fit in with Epics, Themes and Feature Sets? 03:54
What about things we need that don’t fit into the User Story Format? (non-functional stories) 05:19
I’ve got the list of stuff I want… what now? 7:58
Story mapping 9:10
Focusing on Strategy 10:16
Define your desired outcome first, not what you want to build 11:48
Mapping and Prioritizing Features and Functionality for Impact 13:05
Capability Mapping 15:20
Understanding customer wants and mapping it back to strategy16:00
Product Owner means Customer Representative 17:50
Getting a deeper understanding the actual problem 19:00
Sacrificing innovation in order to get ALL THE THINGS 21:00
Can an organization do this alone, or do they need a coach? 21:55
How often you need to revisit the work you’ve done on the backlog 22:48
Developing the internal capability to do this without an external coach 24:42

Contacting Adam:
Twitter: @adamasch

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