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Coordinating Work with Agile and Waterfall Teams in a Mixed Environment w/ AJ Sanford

Dave Prior
Reading: Coordinating Work with Agile and Waterfall Teams in a Mixed Environment w/ AJ Sanford

In this episode of SoundNotes, LeadingAgile Senior Consultant AJ Sanford joins Dave to answer a student question that’s frequently asked in Dave’s CSM and CSPO classes.

How do you use Scrum when you have to coordinate work between teams that are using both Waterfall and Agile all within one organization?

During the interview, AJ and Dave touch on the following topics:

  • What to expect from an Agile pilot project
  • The types of challenges you can expect when you begin working on Agile Transformation
  • Why you need to align on quality standards as well as schedule
  • The importance of focusing on communication when coordinating work across multiple teams
  • How risk management practices and Cost of Delay can help when coordinating work across teams in a mixed environment
  • Tracking dependencies across teams
  • Why a culture of shared learning and empathy is such a vital part of working with teams in a mixed environment

Contacting AJ Sanford

Contacting Dave Prior

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Dave Prior has been leading technology projects and teaching individuals and teams how to manage their work for over 20 years.

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