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Getting Stakeholders to Attend Your Sprint Review w/ Sara McClintock

Dave Prior
Reading: Getting Stakeholders to Attend Your Sprint Review w/ Sara McClintock

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In this week’s episode of SoundNotes, LeadingAgile Senior Consultant Sara McClintock and Dave take on two topics submitted by students from our CSM and CSPO classes:

1. What can I do in an organization to grow and promote our Sprint Reviews?

2. Stakeholder demand for timelines or deadlines being an impediment for the team.

Sara and Dave discuss different approaches to helping leadership understand the importance of Sprint Reviews and why their participation is so necessary for delivering a successful product. They also explore different techniques for responding to requests/demands that include unrealistic timelines and ways to begin coaching leadership into prioritizing the work, so that if a date commitment is established, the team can maximize the value they can deliver by the deadline.

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