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Governance, the Investment Tier, and Business Agility

Dave Prior Senior Consultant/CST-CRM Specialist
Reading: Governance, the Investment Tier, and Business Agility
Governance, the Investment Tier, and Business Agility

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In this week’s episode of SoundNotes, Ross Beurmann is back to talk about how to create a funding mechanism that’s as adaptable as the governance model. Or, to put it more simply, how to allocate funds and pay for things when we’re continually tuning the way we work, and what we’re working on.

As your organization moves further down the path toward Agility, you may experience some dissonance when more traditional methods of funding work meet with the need to inspect and adapt. And we’re not just talking about inspecting and adapting through the lens of product development,  we’re also talking about how the organizational governance can inspect and adapt and how that supports Business Agility.


On, you can find another one of Dave and Ross’ recent podcasts entitled: “Business Planning for Agile AND Traditional Time Horizons”.

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