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The Heart of Agile 2017 Conference with Rob Lingle

Dave Prior Senior Consultant/CST-CRM Specialist
Reading: The Heart of Agile 2017 Conference with Rob Lingle

The 2017 Heart of Agile Conference will be held in Pittsburgh on April 27 and 28. This is the second annual conference dedicated to helping Agile practitioners let go of some of the dogma and ornamentation that has been glommed on to Agile and get back to the core principles and the Heart of Agility.

In this interview, Rob Lingle, one of the conference organizers took some time to speak with Dave about the conference, why it is happening in Pittsburgh, why you should attend and what you can expect once you are there.

In the latter half of of the podcast, (beginning at 08:12) Rob and Dave discuss the work Rob does volunteering for several different organizations, why he considers it to be so important and how being of service to others helps him in his work as an Agile coach.

Leading Agile is proud to be a sponsor of the 2017 Heart of Agile Conference! Both Derek Huether and Dave Prior will be presenting at the conference.

Show Notes

  • 00:08 Podcast Begins
  • 00:33 Some background on Rob and his work
  • 01:01 The first ever Agile conference in Pittsburgh and on a Riverboat!
  • 01:48 Boat jumping
  • 02:35 Bringing the Heart of Agile Conference to Pittsburgh
  • 04:25 Getting back to the basics of Agility
  • 05:00 There is so much to learn, you’ll never be done. Stay focused on the core (or heart) of Agile
  • 06:14 The intended audience/level of expertise for the conference… who should attend
  • 07:10 Crowd sourcing topics for the conference
  • 07:42 Pricing, dates and registration for the Heart of Agile
  • 08:12 Rob’s work volunteering with different organizations
  • 09:05 How Rob selects the organizations he volunteers for
  • 09:30 Volunteering for Jubilee Soup Kitchen
  • 10:15 Volunteering for Junior Achievers as a Teacher
  • 11:01 Volunteering for’s Hour of Code
  • 12:15 How the volunteer work influences Rob’s work as an Agile coach
  • 12:54 “Real success … comes through service to others”
  • 13:50 How dedicating your time and being of service to others can benefit you on many levels
  • 15:15 Getting more details about the 2017 Heart of Agile Conference in Pittsburgh

Links from the Podcast

The 2017 Heart of Agile Conference in Pittsburgh

The Heart of Agile Website

The organizations Rob volunteers for

Jubilee Soup Kitchen

Junior Achievement of Western Pennsylvania

Hour of Code 

Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank 

If you’d like to follow up with Rob Lingle

LinkedIn –

Twitter – 

Summa Company Website  –

Contacting Dave

LeadingAgile Profile:
Personal Blog:


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