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How to Truly Succeed with Agile Transformation

Dave Prior Senior Consultant/CST-CRM Specialist
Mike Cottmeyer Chief Executive Officer
Reading: How to Truly Succeed with Agile Transformation

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When organizations set out to adopt Agile, they always have a business reason. It’s never just because they really love Scrum, or SAFe, or LeSS. But when the teams start doing all the Agile things, and they’re met with resistance from the organization around them, it’s hard to point to success because not much changed. So, we start defining success as “do the roles and ceremonies exist and are we following all the Agile dogma.” That’s a poor definition of success, and we have to get better at changing the organization around the teams. But that’s a different problem altogether. To do that, we’ll have to deconstruct what people, especially leaders inside organizations, believe about Agile and get them to see it through an all-new lens.

Mike and Dave sit down to begin deconstructing some of the current beliefs about Agile, and talk about what success actually looks like in this week’s episode of SoundNotes.

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