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Making Goal- Question- Metrics work in Agile with John Tanner

Dave Prior Senior Consultant/CST-CRM Specialist
Reading: Making Goal- Question- Metrics work in Agile with John Tanner

This podcast features LeadingAgile SVP and Executive Consultant John Tanner who joins Dave Prior to discuss how to take on a “Goal-Question-Metric” (GQM) approach to gaining clarity on how well Agile is being employed across the organization. Last Spring at Agile Day Atlanta, John led a session called  “The GQM Approach to Agile Metrics”. The session was very well received and when we posted the video of John’s presentation and the slide deck he used, there was a great response and we thought it was worth digging a little deeper on.


01:08 Interview Begins

02:18 Three distinct ways of looking at metrics

05:22 What is GQM and how does it work?

06:14 How does an organization know if they are asking the right questions?

08:33 How to know if your questions are well formed

10:00 How do we collect the data?

12:37 Interpreting the data

13:29 Metrics are not the answer. They are just data points that need to be investigated

16:29 Debating whether it is okay to ask the team NOT to work extra hours

17:47 The metrics are very seductive and can create an illusion of understanding

19:48 In their sexy Monopoly pajamas rolling around in money

21:00 GQM and Agile

22:09 For coaches – how to help your customer figure out what their goals actually are

23:25 Contacting John

24:08 Podcast Ends








Blog Post w/ Video and Slides:

The GQM Book Referred to in the Podcast:

Aligning Organizations Through Measurement: The GQM+Strategies Approach (The Fraunhofer IESE Series on Software and Systems Engineering)

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