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Portfolio Innovation

Dave Prior Senior Consultant/CST-CRM Specialist
Reading: Portfolio Innovation

In this edition of our Sound Notes podcast, we sat down to chat with Enterprise Transformation Consultant, Devin Hedge about program and portfolio innovation. Listen in as Devin shares his experiences introducing innovation into an organization through the program and portfolio levels.

Show Notes:

Interview Start 01:48
The Death of the American Company and reducing time to market by focusing attention on Portfolio and Program level 2:30
Hyper-niche 3:48
Trying to Capture the Millennials 5:30
In the Financial World, Size (and Age) Matters 6:03
The C’s are READY! 6:40
Or are they? 07:15
Will it take us an entire generation to change? 7:45
Having Faith in People 8:40
Are we malleable enough to change? 9:13
The Three Horizons Model 9:30
We’ll go out and buy a startup.. (buying culture)..’cause that always works 12:00
Helping a company develop innovation and change 13:48
Models for introducing innovation 14:22
Helping the organization start to learn again… 15:09
Gathering information to place a reasonable bet as an organization 16:24
It looks like spaghetti 17:55
Predicting where people will go vs. learning to discover where they want to be 19:08
How many shots did Michael Jordan miss? 20:33
The failures are where you learn 21:00
Failing by itself is not enough 21:50
What happens when you think you’re “there” 22:10
Putting more gas in the engine does not make it faster 23:20
Getting them unstuck but not letting them give up 23:38
Do you have a true “coach” relationship with the client 24:10
Very few will actually get it and survive 25:30
Not everyone wants the flower 25:54
Defining success with the customer 26:08
Disrupting Monopolies, the strengths and weaknesses it creates 26:45
A New Economic Model and how it is perceived 28:30
We do not know how to teach people in organizations to be innovative yet 29:20
Why it is usually the CIO who figures it out and drives change 29:50
The Boards in older organizations don’t understand what Innovation looks like 30:40
Getting more information on how innovation at the program and portfolio level works 31:20
The tail will separate 32:50
Getting in touch with Devin 33:10

Links from the Podcast:

Getting in Touch with Devin:
Devin at LeadingAgile
Devin on Twitter

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