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Remote Work and PSTIR w/ Jeff Howey

Dave Prior Senior Consultant/CST-CRM Specialist
Reading: Remote Work and PSTIR w/ Jeff Howey
Remote Work and PSTIR w/ Jeff Howey

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At the beginning of the pandemic, LeadingAgile published a white paper called Maintaining Momentum in a Remote Agile World. This episode of SoundNotes is a follow up to that whitepaper. In this interview, Jeff Howey and Dave Prior reflect on what they’ve learned about successful remote interaction since the whitepaper was released, how those lessons can impact a system of Transformation and remote collaboration at scale.

During the interview, Jeff also explains PSTIR, which stands for Prepare, Socialize, Tailor, Implement, and Reinforce; and how PSTIR has become a critical part of the LeadingAgile approach.

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