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Who Should be a ScrumMaster? Who Should be a Product Owner?

Dave Prior Senior Consultant/CST-CRM Specialist
Reading: Who Should be a ScrumMaster? Who Should be a Product Owner?

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We frequently get questions from clients who are transitioning to Agile when they begin working through the challenge of determining which roles are the best fit for individuals in their organization. Since many of our clients begin their Agile journey by taking on Scrum, the question usually shows up as:

Who should I make a Product Owner and who should I make a ScrumMaster?

While there is no locked down definition of who should transition into what role, there are some standard patterns that appear across organizations. A lot of it though depends on how an organization views the individuals in those positions and what level of responsibility they are given by the company.

In this short video, Dave Prior, LeadingAgile’s resident Certified Scrum Trainer, offers some advice and guidance with respect to sorting out which individuals in your organization should move into a Product Owner role and who is a better fit for ScrumMaster.

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