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Sprint Report Basics: What Should You Be Tracking? With Jessica Wolfe

Dave Prior Senior Consultant/CST-CRM Specialist
Reading: Sprint Report Basics: What Should You Be Tracking? With Jessica Wolfe

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This week Jessica and Dave take a look at the Sprint Report template Dave uses in his CSM and CSPO classes. Using the report as a starting point, Jessica and Dave talk through the most valuable data points for new Scrum Teams as well as additional variables which are an important part of tracking the information that matters as your team learns to work together and gets better at delivering value for their customer.

If you’d like an audio-only version of the podcast, you can listen to that here:

Links from the Video

If you’d like to download an Excel template of the report Dave and Jessica discuss in the video, you can find it here

In the video, Jessica references Derek Huether’s GQM blog posts. You can find one of them here.

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