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Student Q&A: What Do You Do When the Team Can’t Break the Work Down? w/ Tim Wise

Dave Prior Senior Consultant/CST-CRM Specialist
Reading: Student Q&A: What Do You Do When the Team Can’t Break the Work Down? w/ Tim Wise

For Development Teams transitioning to Agile one common challenge is breaking the work down into small vertical slices that can go from a Post-It Note to shippable product in 2-3 days. Most of the time, (there are always exceptions) the issue is not that the work cannot be broken down, but that the Development Team is accustomed to looking at the work in a more traditional way and they are not able to see how they could break it down into smaller actionable elements that can be developed independently and provide value and the opportunity to learn.

If you’re working with a team that is struggling with this, and you do not come from a technical background, the issue may be even more daunting. Without the in-depth knowledge of how the work might be executed, many people will feel ill-at-ease challenging the Dev Team’s assertion that the work is just that big and can’t be broken down.

In this podcast, Tim Wise and Dave Prior take on the topic of what to do when the Development Team can’t break down the work. They share how they’ve each approached this challenge with teams and offer some ideas about how you could help your team find a way to break the work down.

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