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The Focus of Agile in 2016

Dave Prior Senior Consultant/CST-CRM Specialist
Reading: The Focus of Agile in 2016

In this version of our Sound Notes podcast, we sat down with LeadingAgile CEO, Mike Cottmeyer to talk about the focus of Agile in 2016. We discuss why organizations are still struggling to successfully adopt agile, how the systems of many large organizations are still broken, and how the popular scaling methods are only a part of the solution to successful enterprise agile adoption. From there, Mike and uses a few of metaphors to describe the past, present and future of agile, along with the difficult change management aspects of agile transformation.

Show Notes:

Things to key in on for 2016  00:45
Dealing with Change and Transition Patterns in the Enterprise  1:07
Why are people (still) struggling with Agile transition and the challenge for late adopters 2:31
How can I get the benefits (of Agile) without taking care of the fundamentals 4:10
Things that make Scrum struggle 5:43
Are the current popular scaling models the first part of an answer that just hasn’t been finished yet 7:35
The systems in a lot of the organizations are fundamentally broken 9:21
Do you think the fatigue that comes from change creates a lack of stabilization for workers 10:45
The speed of the game in the industry is changing so fast… How do we impact the systems of delivery? 11:34
Agile is like a 12 year old that is kinda dumpy and weird…Agile is like Punk Rock 12:30
The Agile subculture 14:45
Finding the melodies and chord structures that resonate with everyone aren’t going to change 16:00
Bimodal, because some organizations can’t get all the way there (to Agility) 17:36
It may take an entire generation to fully make the switch to Agile 19:42
How do we socially engineer the change 21:36
It’s not about teaching them Scrum. It’s about teaching people to love the sea  23:11
Teaching them that “the sea may kill you” 25:00
Closing 26:15

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