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Using Personal Kanban

Dave Prior Senior Consultant/CST-CRM Specialist
Reading: Using Personal Kanban

LeadingAgile’s Derek Huether and Dave Prior discuss Personal Kanban, the ways in which they’ve each used it to manage the work they have to do, and what it has taught them about themselves and how they get things done professionally and personally.


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Show Notes

  • Explanation of what Personal Kanban is [2:30]
  • Dave’s challenge with Personal Kanban [3:30]
  • What’s the most important thing we want to do next [4:30]
  • Too much work can be paralyzing [5:00]
  • Using both a physical board and virtual board [5:30]
  • Big questions and tasks may paralyze us [6:00]
  • Visualize your work but filter out the noise [7:00]
  • Limiting inputs and focus on the task at hand [8:00]
  • Becoming hyper-aware of what you’re committing to [8:30]
  • Some activities are wasteful but necessary [9:00]
  • We all have terrible memories. Write it down. [10:00]
  • GTD, Franklin Covey, To-Do lists [11:00]
  • Reading about David Anderson’s work or meeting Jim Benson [11:30]
  • Biologically, Kanban has a different impact on us [13:00]
  • Different types of work on the same board [14:45]
  • Advising clients on using Personal Kanban [17:45]
  • Keeping track of homework [19:30]
  • Using a focus column [20:30]
  • Adding personal needs to the board [21:15]
  • Nap shaming [22:00]
  • Legitimizing what needs to be done [23:30]
  • Use Siri to email a card to LeanKit [25:50]
  • What is Lean Coffee [28:00]
  • Agile Baltimore Unconference [29:30]

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