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What is the Worth of a Good Product Owner? w/ Tim Wise

Dave Prior Senior Consultant/CST-CRM Specialist
Reading: What is the Worth of a Good Product Owner? w/ Tim Wise
What is the Worth of a Good Product Owner? w/ Tim Wise

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This week, on SoundNotes, we’re featuring another question from a student in one of our Certified Scrum classes. The question came from someone who’s working in an organization that doesn’t see value in the role of Product Owner and isn’t convinced that it’s needed as part of the Scrum Team.

The question:

What is the worth of a good P.O.?

LeadingAgile Senior Consultant, Tim Wise spent some time with Dave talking through various aspects of the question. Together, Dave and Tim will explore the role of the P.O., the value a P.O. can add in an organization, and some contexts in which different aspects of the P.O. role might be solved through other means. Lastly, Dave and Tim will discuss how an organization that’s focused on maximizing the value delivered to the customer might go about measuring the value of a Product Owner.

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