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Working with Distributed Teams – Jann Thomas and Adam Asch

Dave Prior Senior Consultant/CST-CRM Specialist
Reading: Working with Distributed Teams – Jann Thomas and Adam Asch

Whether you are separated by one floor in the same building or thousands of miles, working with distributed teams is never an easy thing. But for most of us, it’s the reality of how we work now. In this podcast, LeadingAgile’s Jann Thomas and Adam Asch share tips for how to get better results from your distributed teams and remote team members.

Show Notes

08:00 Introductions

01:21 Topic Intro

02:22 What are the common issue you see with Distributed Teams

02:37 Making people aware of your schedule the you are remote

05:51 Understanding your own best way of working and dealing with it when it is not in sync with your team

08:11 Working with people in different time zones

10:06 The time zone problem

11:14 – Sending team members to a physical location to build rapport and knowledge transfer

12:17 Helping remote team members see themselves as part of a team instead of adversaries

13:25 Cultural Training

14:05 When you’re in the same building but on different floors

15:08 Meeting up in the middle

16:22 The importance of meeting up for the Daily Standup

17:28 They’re home, but are they actually “working”?

18:20 Working for a virtual company

19:13 Making intentional choices to stay connected to your team

20:00 Suggestions for the team members who don’t want to participate

22:21 Better technology for better communication

23:22 The SM  and PO working together to create a communicative, collaborative culture

25:10 Getting in touch with Jann and Adam for more tips

If you’d like to reach out to Jann or Adam with follow up questions here is how to contact them:

Jann Thomas

Twitter: @agile_jann

Adam Asch

Twitter: @adamasch

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