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The Executive’s Guide to Leading Large-Scale Agile Transformation

This talk explores a safe, pragmatic, and repeatable formula for leading change in large organizations. The Holy Grail for an executive is to tie dollars spent and activities performed, to internal improvement metrics and ultimately improved business performance. We’ll start by discussing the elements of an agile transformation business case and how to identify a meaningful value proposition for change. Next we’ll consider how to assess the organization and build an agile transformation strategy and roadmap that encourages an iterative and incremental approach to change. Finally we’ll explore the metrics and controls that help you know if you’re on the right track. Throughout the presentation, we’ll explore the change management and engagement techniques necessary to make sure you are building meaningful organizational support as you engage the enterprise. We’ll discuss how to build and execute a change management strategy to keep everyone safe and informed throughout the transformation. We’ll show how to sustain and improve the changes over time, ultimately creating an organizational ecosystem where business agility is part of the fundamental DNA of the company. The goal of this talk is to take the magic out of agile transformation and show you how to systematically and planfully introduce agile into your organization.