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Don’t Estimate Stories In Sprint Planning


This is part three in a series on estimating. Part one was “Don’t Estimate Software Defects” and Part two was “Don’t Estimate Spikes”. And, part three will be about estimating stories.  I’m not a big fan of estimating stories in sprint planning. I don’t do it, nor do I re-estimate stories in sprint planning. I estimate […]

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Lack of Predictability: Your Biggest Problem


What I’m seeing at many of my clients is an inability to know what will be completed in the next release. This shows up as missed dates and frustration over broken commitments and “unreliable teams”. When the executives inquire, they get finger pointing and non-answers, such as “the 3rd party software was late” or “software […]

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What allows agile to succeed in an organization?


For over 10 years, agile methodologies continue to prove themselves in a wide variety of industries and applications, yet I still get the following question from clients: Will agile work for us?  I still feel that an organization will be successful with an agile transformation independent of industry, size of the organization, geographic distribution of […]

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That’s Not Agile!?


Agile at the Enterprise Level is not about the two-week inspect and adapt cycle… it’s about small batches and flow. You may have noticed that LeadingAgile is growing… and we are growing fast. Why? A large part of our approach to selling involves deeply understanding what our customers need and helping them craft solutions that […]

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