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To Split or Not to Split, It’s Really Complicated.


At our most recent sprint review, a team I’m coaching completed all but three stories. So at sprint review, we were trying to decide what to do with the stories and whether to move them into planning or split them. All three stories had outside dependencies. All three had completed tasks and two of them […]

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Always Looking Ahead


I’m always looking ahead to the next planning or the next estimating meeting. I teach this behavior to my clients whenever I’m coaching a new ScrumMaster or Product Owner. I start off by involving them in what I’m doing, showing what needs to be done and by explaining my thinking. The teaching is very experiential, yet incomplete in […]

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Estimating Placeholder Stories is a Bad Practice


Placeholder stories, in general, are a bad idea. Estimating placeholder stories to reserve capacity or to get credit is a very bad idea. Define “Placeholder Stories” Of course, all stories are “placeholders for a conversation”, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. I am also not talking about things like “Refactor the such-n-such class as we start work on […]

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It’s About Finishing, Not About Starting


When I’m teaching an agile bootcamp class and talking about work in process, I always make a point (usually multiple times) to tell the attendees that agile is about finishing work…not about starting work. I reinforce this by pointing out that you can have a glorious looking burndown chart for the duration of the sprint […]

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How Many Stories Per Sprint? Rules of Thumb


I’m often asked how many user stories you should have in a sprint and how big is too big for a story. People are looking for guidance. User Stories Per Sprint I’ve heard some coaches recommend “3-6 user stories per iteration per developer”. That’s a bad rule of thumb. For a team of 7 developers […]

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