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The Big Game


My post yesterday about managers leading agile teams got quite a bit of attention. We had a great discussion over Twitter and many of you guys left fantastic comments on the blog itself. The one thing that came out of all that discussion… for me personally… was greater clarity around the real nut of the […]

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Cutter Executive Report: Rethinking the Agile Enterprise


My good friend Dennis Stevens and I just finished up our Cutter Executive Report titled ‘Rethinking the Agile Enterprise’. The paper is now out in print and available for download via the Cutter website. For regular readers of Leading Agile… you’ll notice many of the same ‘scaling agile’ themes I talk about here quite often. […]

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Can Managers Lead Agile Teams?


If we are going to start treating managers like grown-ups… and start asking them to behave like agile leaders… and giving them a real role on an agile team… let’s begin by exploring why we excluded them in the first place. Maybe if we can take a step back and think about the original problem […]

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