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Discovery is Fun


Jeff Patton gave a talk at Agile 2012 on “The Product Owner’s Role”. A couple of statements really resonated with me. “Discovery is what the product owner team does.” and “The product owner’s job is to provide impact and outcome.” A film of a project I led came to mind. A successful small company wanted […]

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Team WIKISPEED at Agile 2012


Regardless of where I coach or teach, there is always someone who approaches me and says something like, “Agile is great for software projects but what about projects that aren’t software related?”  When asked the question, I usually give examples like a U.S. Marine fire team or air crew or a home construction site. (I’ll […]

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Effective Risk Management That Isn’t Boring


Last week at Agile 2012, there were a couple Risk Management talks that blew my mind.  I was already comfortable with the notion that Agile methods offer a set of effective IMPLICIT risk management practices (e.g. iterative learning cycles, fully tested iteration increments). But this past week, I learned the community is beginning to mature […]

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