Agile Transformation

Organizational Agile Transformation

Any agile transformation event needs three dimensions to be successful:

  1. Organizational structure (blue circles): The organization has to be structurally aligned to support what you are trying to accomplish with agile. Inability to change structure is a huge reason why companies fail with agile. This is the main reason why we do a transformation roadmap, so people can understand how we plan to iteratively and incrementally introduce fully functioning agile teams into the organization.
  2. Agile practices (yellow circles): People need to know what we are asking them to DO differently. The processes… either project management related or technical, need to be well understood and clearly articulated. This is why one of the very first things we do after forming complete agile teams is train them on solid agile practices.
  3. Personal transformation (orange circles): What really makes agile work is the mindset of the people doing the work. Regardless if its the project manager moving from a command and control mindset, the senior leader learning how to incite people and ask for status differently, or the lead architect having to learn how to deliver products incrementally… its how we approach the work that matters. The challenge is that we can’t lead with asking this from people if the structure and practices don’t support this mindset.

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