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Encapsulating Value Streams and the Object Oriented Enterprise


When you get right down to it, a Scrum team is fundamentally a container designed to encapsulate the entire product delivery value stream into a single workgroup. The value stream associated with software development typically goes something like this: analysis, design, build, test, and deploy. That’s pretty much everything you need to develop a working […]

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Why Agile Is Failing in Large Enterprises, And What You Can Do About It


Here is the deck from my Agile2014 talk on why many folks are struggling to adopt agile in larger, more complex enterprises. The presentation explores many themes persistent on this blog. Why agile works, why agile fails, what gets in the way, and how to systematically and pragmatically begin to refactor your legacy organization into […]

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LeadingAgile is Hiring Agile Coaches and Consultants


Hey Folks… I’ve never posted anything like this before, but I wanted to let you guys know we are growing and looking for a few top-notch coaches to hire over the next several months. If you are interested, or know anyone that is, please give us a shout. That said, let me give you an idea of […]

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LeadingAgile Website Redesign


Hey everyone… not sure how many of you actually visit our site vs. keeping up with RSS… but if you’ve had a chance to visit leadingagile.com in the last few weeks, you’ll notice some pretty significant changes. This is the third major revision since I started the blog 8 years ago… and really the first […]

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Compensation Strategies for Agile Teams


I don’t consider myself an expert on designing compensation systems, but as of late this issue has come up with several clients, and of course, I have to deal with compensation issues leading LeadingAgile. I’d like to share some thoughts with you guys, get some feedback, and maybe even generate a little healthy debate. The […]

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