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When Did Agile Become a Social Movement?


Occasionally on my personal Facebook page, I like to post controversial topics and see if we can get a civil conversation going around difficult issues. Civility can sometimes be difficult, but it is really interesting to hear different points of view and learn more about why people believe what they believe. In that spirit, I […]

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Can You Mandate Your Agile Transformation?


Well… it depends. If you view agile as a system of beliefs, or a way of looking at the world, or as a culture your company is expected to adopt…I’d suggest that it’s impossible to mandate an agile transformation. There is no way to force people to believe in something they don’t believe in or to […]

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Some Thoughts on Self-Organization in Agile Teams


I think some of us are getting it wrong when it comes to self-organization. Self-organization doesn’t mean that the team doesn’t have managers or that they get to decide what problems to solve or what product to build. Self-organization doesn’t mean that the team doesn’t have any tooling constraints, or architectural constraints, or budget constraints, […]

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What It Takes to Develop an Agile Transformation Strategy


Okay… this is going to be a precursor to a more fully developed whitepaper, but I want to see if I can tightly articulate the LeadingAgile approach to designing and executing an enterprise agile transformation. This post is going to focus on the ‘what’ and leave out the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ for the time […]

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