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Mike Cottmeyer

Structure, Governance, and Metrics on Large Scale Agile Teams

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Okay… let’s recap my last two posts. My first post in this little segment was called “The Underlying Mechanisms of Team Based Scrum.” In that post, I tried to make the case that the rules, ceremonies, artifacts, and roles of Scrum… while an integral part of Scrum… weren’t what Scrum was really all about. Scrum is […]

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Failure Modes of Team Based Scrum

Scrum Methodology

My take is that when you stop thinking about Scrum in terms of roles, ceremonies, and artifacts… it opens up the conversation to look at what’s really going on with your struggling Scrum implementation. No longer are we lamenting the absence of a product owner… we can discuss why the organization finds it so hard […]

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Underlying Mechanisms of Team Based Scrum


It’s getting all too common to walk into an organization that thinks they are doing Scrum, but isn’t seeing any real benefit from their efforts.  They’ll think they’re doing Scrum because everyone attends a daily standup, they plan every two weeks, have someone called a Product Owner, and another called a ScrumMaster. They know the […]

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