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Estimates or #noestimates… It’s All a Matter of Context


I think I’ve found myself (somewhat accidentally) at the beginning of a series of posts called ‘debates I find useless… let’s move on’. The latest round of discussion that seems to have spiked (at least for me) this week is the whole ‘to estimate or not to estimate’ conversation. The answer to this question clearly […]

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Let’s Acknowledge SAFe For What It Is… And Move On


It seems this week more SAFe related stuff than usual made it across my desk… some positive, some negative… some old, some new… but all asking the same fundamental questions. Is SAFe the savior of all things software development? Is SAFe really agile or merely the second coming of RUP? Will SAFe survive or be […]

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You Have To Be Able To Sell It…


All the great ideas are just that… great ideas… unless you can put them into practice. I tell my team all the time that unless we can sell an idea to an executive… and know exactly what we’d do the next day if we sold it… it’s probably not worth talking about. At least not right […]

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Our Agile Transformation Metaphors are Broken


I’m getting increasingly uneasy with how I see folks thinking about agile and planning for agile transformations. Too much of how we are thinking about this has to do with the activities of an agile transformation rather than the units of value the agile transformation is trying to achieve for the greater organization. What I’m […]

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3 Thinking Tools for Minimizing Dependencies Between Products


In my post about how to form teams, I talk about products… not in their monolithic, holistic state… but as a subsystem within a larger integrated solutions architecture. In other words, big products are just series of small products that work together in an integrated fashion. Each of these smaller products have a backlog, a […]

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