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Have A Point Of View And A Plan


If you get a few minutes to talk to your executives about agile… you’ve got to be really crisp about what you are asking for and why. Far too often people get that few minutes and totally fail to explain why agile is important and why their executives should care. If you have an opportunity […]

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Agile Is Supposed To Be Simple…


I was reading about the new iteration of SAFe that came out a few days ago. I appreciate what Dean is doing with SAFe and totally get the problem he is trying to solve. That said, it makes me wonder how folks receive the ever growing complexity of the model. Fundamentally, we have two choices […]

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Teams, Backlogs, Working Tested Software


I think there is a lot of noise in our system right now. Lot’s of methods to consider. Lot’s of ways to do agile. At the end of the day… for me, for LeadingAgile… it comes down to three things. Can you form teams, do those teams have an actionable backlog, are those teams able to […]

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Estimates or #noestimates… It’s All a Matter of Context


I think I’ve found myself (somewhat accidentally) at the beginning of a series of posts called ‘debates I find useless… let’s move on’. The latest round of discussion that seems to have spiked (at least for me) this week is the whole ‘to estimate or not to estimate’ conversation. The answer to this question clearly […]

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Let’s Acknowledge SAFe For What It Is… And Move On


It seems this week more SAFe related stuff than usual made it across my desk… some positive, some negative… some old, some new… but all asking the same fundamental questions. Is SAFe the savior of all things software development? Is SAFe really agile or merely the second coming of RUP? Will SAFe survive or be […]

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