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Agile Transformation & Executive Engagement


Must Be Present to Win Most people are familiar with drawings or raffles and some of these events require that you must be present to win. A highly successful Agile Transformation happens when there is executive engagement throughout the path to agility. The first step for an executive that is adopting Agile is establishing an […]

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Don’t Sell me Agile, Solve my Problem


A while back I was invited to the AITP Atlanta Chapter for a CIO roundtable discussion that involved questions on agile. The event was a great success and I came away with a bunch of great insights into what topics are on the minds of today’s CIO. One statement that night has really stuck with me.  A […]

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How to Achieve Shared Understanding When Scaling Agile


Agile practices as described in the literature are suitable for small co-located teams focused on a single product. These small co-located teams quickly and efficiently establish a shared understanding of a project, the customer and the architecture within which they are working. As organizations scale Agile, teams aren’t working in the same room, they are […]

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