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Are We Succeeding With an Enterprise Transformation?

enterprise transformation

Over the past few years I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with over 65 different teams in various levels of small, medium, and large businesses. In each case I was either leading the teams or advising the teams on how to become more adaptive. When I joined LeadingAgile, I was thrilled to have access […]

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Agile Assessments – A Deeper Dive


In my previous post Agile Assessments, I wrote about reasons to do an assessment and considerations when doing one.  In this post, I’ll continue the assessment topic with focus on Rating Scales and Frequency. Select a Rating Scale When conducting an agile assessment or self-assessment, an understandable rating scale should be used that allows the rater to […]

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Don’t Be a Boneless Chicken!


Why We at LeadingAgile Advise Starting Agile Transformation with Structure First I grew up in the Pacific NW just south of Seattle in Tacoma, WA.  One of my favorite cartoonists, Gary Larson, is from Tacoma.  His cartoon The Far Side was a never-ending source of entertainment for me and later, my two boys. One cartoon that we […]

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