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What Can Haruki Murakami Teach Us About Sustainable Pace?


Sustainable pace is all about keeping positive energy flowing on your teams. It doesn’t mean taking it easy. It doesn’t mean struggling to achieve a constant pace. It means expending your energy in a positive way, on the right things, for the right amount of time. It means allowing you and your team to feel […]

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Agile Assessments – A Deeper Dive


In my previous post Agile Assessments, I wrote about reasons to do an assessment and considerations when doing one.  In this post, I’ll continue the assessment topic with focus on Rating Scales and Frequency. Select a Rating Scale When conducting an agile assessment or self-assessment, an understandable rating scale should be used that allows the rater to […]

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Acceptance Criteria


Did We Build the Right Product? And, Did We Build the Product Right? Acceptance criteria are an important yet, in my experience, often overlooked or undervalued aspect of the iterative planning process. Acceptance criteria are super important because projects succeed or fail based on the ability of the team to meet their customers documented and […]

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