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Bottom-Up Implementation & Top-Down Intent


A good strategy that I have used for dealing with complex agile transformations in large enterprises has two parts: bottom-up implementation and top-down intent. As Mike puts it, this is “where leadership sets the direction and establishes constraints, but with teams that are empowered to operate within those constraints.” Bottom up implementation means helping teams […]

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Structure 1st: Why You Should Not Start With Practices


Starting your agile transformation with a focus on practices is not an entirely bad idea, but with the wrong culture and structure, agile practices will be superficial. People will go through the motions. People will do agile things like have standups, demos, and planning meetings. You’ll have stories. It will look agile on the surface. […]

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Getting Started With Agile… One of Five


Yesterday, I did my first live presentation of a new talk I’m calling “Getting Started with Agile”. A better title for the talk might have been “How to Select an Agile Pilot Team in a Large Company, Get Them What They Need to be Successful, and Help Them Build Trust With the Rest of the […]

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