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Good Agile Metrics or Working Software


As agile coaches, we use and value metrics as an objective way to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of teams that we are coaching. When we first engage with a new team, we conduct an agile assessment of the team’s capabilities that results in a baseline metric that pinpoints exactly where we should focus our […]

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Don’t Estimate Stories In Sprint Planning


This is part three in a series on estimating. Part one was “Don’t Estimate Software Defects” and Part two was “Don’t Estimate Spikes”. I don’t estimate stories in sprint planning. Nor do I re-estimate stories in sprint planning. I estimate stories in a separate estimating meeting and usually at least a couple sprints in advance, […]

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Lack of Predictability: Your Biggest Problem


What I’m seeing at many of my clients is an inability to know what will be completed in the next release. This shows up as missed dates and frustration over broken commitments and “unreliable teams”. When the executives inquire, they get finger pointing and non-answers, such as “the 3rd party software was late” or “software […]

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Agile Metrics : Agile Health Metrics for Predictability

Color sticky notes on a graphic on a blackboard

  LeadingAgile uses Agile Metrics to demonstrate the results of our process improvement efforts and to identify areas that need further improvement. We have many internal documents describing our approach that we share with our clients, but to my surprise, it seems that we have never blogged about it. Here is a high-level view of […]

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How Do You Know Your Metrics Are Any Good


You want to create some metrics.  More importantly, someone has told you that you need to create some.  How do you know if you’re just making work for yourself or if you’re just putting a spin on the same old data? Ask yourself what the goals are. In trying to determine what to measure in […]

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