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Take the 4th annual VersionOne ‘State of Agile Development’ Survey

Mike Cottmeyer Chief Executive Officer
Reading: Take the 4th annual VersionOne ‘State of Agile Development’ Survey

It’s that time again… time for VersionOne’s Annual ‘State of Agile Development Survey’. If you haven’t had a chance to fill it out yet… please go do it now! This is the 4th time we have done this… and the survey is really generating some great data around how our industry is maturing and what all of us think is important.

Last year we had over 3000 people respond to the survey and we are looking to shatter that record this year. Once you fill out the survey… you are eligible to win one of three gift certificates… top prize is $750 bucks!

Click here to take the survey now!
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  1. Kevin E. Schlabach

    Can you help make sure that those of us who can't attend the Agile 2009 conference this year get word on where to find the results once they are out? (Thanks!)

  2. Mike Cottmeyer

    I will do a post both here and on Agile Chronicles once the results are compiled.


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