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Interesting Post… 10/26/2009 through 10/31/2009

Mike Cottmeyer Chief Executive Officer
Reading: Interesting Post… 10/26/2009 through 10/31/2009

Agilepalooza was a great event this week. It was good to hang out with the crew from VersionOne and all the great folks in Boston. I’m back in Atlanta for a day or so and then off to Oredev in Sweden. Living a bit of the crazy life right now… but all is good.

The kids and I got up early and carved our giant Jack-o-Lantern. We spent the next part of the day at a VERY STRANGE event for Pug enthusiasts (Pugfest… my 12 year old son wanted to go) and now the Florida Gators are on the tube. We are beating Georgia 14-1o and I sure hope they keep the lead. They are looking MUCH better than they have the past few weeks so I am hopeful! Tonight is Halloween so I am sure we’ll do a little trick-or-treating in a bit. Nice to have some family time with the kids before I head out for the week.

Enjoy this weeks installment of “Interesting Post…”

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