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Our Halloween Jack-o-Lantern

Mike Cottmeyer Chief Executive Officer
Reading: Our Halloween Jack-o-Lantern

Every year we head up to Burt’s Pumpkin Farm to pick out the biggest pumpkin we can carry. We usually end up with one BIG one… one for each of the boys… and a few that we can bake up and turn into pies. Just for fun… I thought I would show you guys the results of this year’s pumpkin carving activities.

It’s hard to tell size with these dark photo’s… but this is our big family pumpkin. I work with the kids on the design and the approach… but the carving duties are mine. We went with a design we have used in the past… pumpkin in flames!

The pumpkin on the left was carved by my seven year old son, Noah. The one on the right by my twelve year old son, Daniel. Daniel has started off wanting to carve a pug face on his pumpkin, but ended up with something more abstract.

This final pumpkin was carved by my thirteen year old, Zach. Zach was less than enthusiastic about being asked to participate in our forced family fun… but I do think that once he got started he had fun with it.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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