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Interesting Post… 1/24/2010 through 1/31/2010

Mike Cottmeyer Chief Executive Officer
Reading: Interesting Post… 1/24/2010 through 1/31/2010

Pretty light week when it comes to Agile blogging, huh? Have we really said everything there is to say!? Maybe the conversation has moved elsewhere? Anyone know of new bloggers out there that I don’t seem to be following? Maybe it is time for Jurgen to post another Top 200 list. Anyway…. if anyone knows where all the good conversation is going on, please clue me in ;-)

Here is another installment of Interesting Post…

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The Impact Of Social Networking On Project Management

How Not to Hurry

Do I Need User Stories?

Use the Agile Triangle Instead of the Balanced Scorecard

Shu Ha Ri as the flow of Energy

Pillar Technology is Hiring

Don’t aim for the target

Pope tells priests: Start blogging

PMI Agile Survey

Next Agilepalooza Atlanta!

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