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COHAA: The Path to Agility

Mike Cottmeyer Chief Executive Officer
Reading: COHAA: The Path to Agility

If you happen to be in the Columbus, OH area on May 27th… you should really come see me speak at the COHAA Path to Agility conference. I’m doing a variant of my Agile PMP talk… exploring a little bit around the intersection of traditional and agile project management.

This is one of those great one day events that are low cost, full of great speakers, and give you a great opportunity to network with some really smart people in your community. Every time I do one of these one day events, the value delivered is always so much greater than the cost!

Ken Schwaber is doing the keynote… that should be enough right there, but it doesn’t stop. We’ve got Patrick Wilson-Welsh, Steve Harmon, Tim Wingfield, Michael Mah, Daryl Kulak, and one of my all time favorites… Isreal Gat. And that is probably only half the speakers that will be there to educate and entertain.
So… do yourself a favor, head over to the conference website, and figure out a way to be there. See you on the 27th!
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