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PMI-ACP Certification Prep Course: October 17-19, 2011


Just wanted to let you guys know that I am running my second PMI-ACP Certification Prep Course on October 17-19, 2011.  The class going to be held at the VersionOne Headquarters in Alpharetta, GA… just north of Atlanta.  We had 10 folks at the first course and got some really good feedback.  The second course […]

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Selling Features We Don’t Have


Okay, so the beef with estimating seems to go like this… we all agree developers are bad at estimating, we all know that managers will misuse any estimates we give them, and we all know the team will have to go on a death march to meet an unreasonable date the manager set. Since we […]

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Gaming the Numbers


I’d like to see if we can generate a little discussion around the idea of metrics, goals, and improvement. Yesterday I was exploring with a client the notion of quarterly objectives.  Specifically we were discussing the kinds of metrics that would make sense in an agile environment to properly incentivize the kinds of outcomes we […]

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Agile Coach Camp 2011 #accus


I’m heading to the airport in a few hours to attend the annual US Agile Coaches Camp.  The first camp was held up in Ann Arbor back in my VersionOne days.  I can remember Paul Culling asking me if I was interested in going.  I had never been to an Open Space conference, and to […]

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Lightweight Documentation… Not Lightweight Thinking


Working software over comprehensive documentation… this line in the manifesto has been used to justify all manner of undisciplined thinking over the years. Just because we value working software over comprehensive documentation, doesn’t mean we don’t ever write anything down… and it especially doesn’t mean that we don’t think through problems. It doesn’t mean that […]

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