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Tools for Progress During Agile Transformation

Reading: Tools for Progress During Agile Transformation

Agile Transformation is a journey. And it starts exactly where the organization realistically is and works forward from that point. There are some thinking tools we can use to help us create some structure around the process of change to get us from where we are to where we want to be.

To start, we will need a way to orient the organization toward our goals and understand why we’re making the decisions we’re making and what drives those decisions—what we call our Compass. Once we understand the constraints that are driving our decisions, we can work toward our goals with more flexibility.

When we’ve used the Compass to get oriented, and are ready to set out on our journey, we’ll need to ensure we have a way to measure progress as we go. So we’ll break down our journey into increments so we can claim intermediate victories as we go along. We call these Basecamps.

We get to each Basecamp with the teams we’ve formed that we know have all we need to get us where we need to go on each leg of the journey.

Expeditions moving through Basecamps are the primary unit of progress of an Agile Transformation.

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