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Why Do Agile Transformations Fail?

Mike Cottmeyer Chief Executive Officer
Reading: Why Do Agile Transformations Fail?

Leading large-scale Agile Transformation is extremely complex. That’s why Agile Transformation fails so frequently. Because to succeed at it, you need a fundamentally unique approach that most organization’s aren’t following.

In this video, Mike Cottmeyer uncovers some of the biggest reasons organizations aren’t getting the value out of Agile they thought they would. He also explores some of the ways you can overcome those challenges to unlock Agile’s potential in your organization. Plus, we take a look at some of the critical success factors in Agile Transformation and explore the metrics you should consider in your next Agile initiative.

Why Agile Transformations Fail Chapters

At 3:03, Mike discusses why so many Agile Transformations fail and digs deeper into the answer at 4:40. Then he explores the answer to the common question of whether Agile and Waterfall can coexist and why. Next, he delves into the most critical success factors in Agile Transformation at 12:05, and how to measure Success in Agile Transformation at 14:03. Finally, he answers the question: Is Agile Scrum? 

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