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Definition of Done


Is it done, is it done done, or is it done done done? I bet you’ve asked that question before, if you are in the business of application development.  When asking the questions, it is important to note who you are and your level in the organization. Delivery teams, program teams, and portfolio teams define […]

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5 Gaps In Scrum

gap of scrum

I recently spoke at a corporate community of practice event.  My session presented a useful model to identify indicators within a system to predict its failure. First, we started by applying the model to everyday systems everyone could relate to.  Next, I asked the attendees to map a system of their own. As I walked them through my […]

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Top 3 Dependency Types


True agility comes by breaking dependencies between teams across the organization. It all begins by defining a rational system of delivery for the enterprise.  Next, healthy culture and solid practices should emerge within that rational delivery framework. For those who wish to transform their organizations, solving for the issues that get in the way of effectively […]

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System Design Canvas

scrum system design canvas

In a previous post about productivity patterns, I wrote about how I tried countless systems to improve my productivity. I tried everything from having a Franklin Planner, to using GTD, to Personal Kanban and the Pomodoro Technique. I asked myself why some methods worked and some did not.  Why did I abandon two systems when […]

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5 Qualities of a Bad ScrumMaster


A ScrumMaster is one of the three key roles of the Scrum Framework. Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland conceived the Scrum process in the early 90’s. With so many years having passed, you’d think organizations would better understand qualities of a good ScrumMaster. More noteworthy, they should know qualities of a bad ScrumMaster. Because of this, I […]

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