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System Design Canvas

scrum system design canvas

In a previous post about productivity patterns, I wrote about how I tried countless systems to improve my productivity. I tried everything from having a Franklin Planner, to using GTD, to Personal Kanban and the Pomodoro Technique. I asked myself why some methods worked and some did not.  Why did I abandon two systems when […]

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5 Qualities of a Bad ScrumMaster


A ScrumMaster is one of the three key roles of the Scrum Framework. Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland conceived the Scrum process in the early 90’s. With so many years having passed, you’d think organizations would better understand qualities of a good ScrumMaster. More noteworthy, they should know qualities of a bad ScrumMaster. Because of this, I […]

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Productivity Patterns


My Past Experience Be it get-rich-quick schemes or rapid-weight-loss solutions, the Internet is littered with a million improvement schemes.  In my many years of attempting to improve productivity for my clients and myself, I’ve tried just about everything.  Regardless if the post, podcast, or book is promising to do twice the work in half the time […]

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Karaoke Agile


Have you ever gone out with your friends to a karaoke bar and watched someone, who did not speak English, sing the best Bon Jovi Livin on a Prayer you have ever heard, just short of seeing Bon Jovi live back in 1987?  I’ve seen both.  Have you ever worked with or for someone who follows a process […]

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Agile Terminology for Normal People

agile terminology

Agile practitioners often fail to realize that 99.9% of society has never heard Agile terminology.  As I recently hosted Agile Baltimore Lean Coffee, I heard very smart people use terms like sprints, Scrum, Kanban, Agile, and stories. They described waste as muri, muda, and mura. To top it off, they described learning as shu, ha, and ri. This […]

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