Derek Huether

VP, ALM Platforms

Derek is LeadingAgile’s Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) metrics and tools expert. With 25 years of experience in products and services, he is dedicated to creating better business outcomes through pragmatic Lean and Agile practices. He is committed to respecting where each organization is today, while laying the foundation for where they need to be in the future. He provides disciplined coaching, strategic consulting, and project and portfolio management services.


Derek has been with LeadingAgile since 2012 where he started out as an Enterprise Transformation Consultant. In the beginning, he was primarily focused on the transition patterns and intermediate states necessary to pragmatically lead organizations through an Agile transformation event.  Since then, Derek’s leadership has provided him with opportunities to advance within the company to the role of Vice President. He is now the VP of ALM Platforms and is responsible for defining and executing implementation strategies that optimize the customer experience with tools at scale. He is an expert in ALM platforms such as: VersionOne, CA Agile Central, Atlassian JIRA, Microsoft TFS/VSTS, and AgileCraft.

In Addition to LeadingAgile

In addition to being an essential asset to the LeadingAgile team, Derek is the founder and organizer of Agile Baltimore, an organization that is dedicated to promoting Lean, Agile, start-ups, and technology in the Baltimore area. Agile Baltimore has monthly meet-ups and hosts an annual Un-conference based on the premise that the value of conferences is derived from the conversations and exchange of ideas that take place between speaker sessions. The Un-conference is a modified open-space conference which does not require months of agenda planning. Derek has led workshops and speaking sessions at events such as the Washington DC Symposium, PMI Global Congress, AgileDC, Heart of Agile, and the annual Agile conference put on by the Agile Alliance. A published author, Derek wrote Zombie Project Management in 2011. In it, he identified project management anti-patterns through the lens of a layperson. To this day, Derek continuously pours in to the Agile community by being an active speaker, blogger, author, and social media presence: all while helping large enterprise organizations achieve their desired business outcomes.

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