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Agile 2016 – Liana Dore – Agile Governance

Dave Prior Senior Consultant/CST-CRM Specialist
Reading: Agile 2016 – Liana Dore – Agile Governance

LeadingAgile Live – Liana Dore from LeadingAgile on Vimeo.

Agile Governance at eVestment

When eVestment reached a point where many organizations would establish a PMO, they decided to take a different approach. Instead, they established an Agile Governance group to support change within the organization as it adopted a formalized approach to Agile.

In this podcast, Agile Governance Lead, Liana Dore, shares what led to this decision. She describes the steps they’ve taken to provide support for Agile teams through a “light touch”. This approach helps them foster innovation throughout the organization.

To learn more about Liana’s work, you can find her on LinkedIn or on Twitter, @liana_dore.

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