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Agile 2016 Personal Accountability Retrospective

Dave Prior Senior Consultant/CST-CRM Specialist
Reading: Agile 2016 Personal Accountability Retrospective

Personal Accountability Retrospective for Agile 2016

At the Agile 2016 conference, Adam Asch, Katrina Coker, Jim Hayden, Derek Huether, and Dave Prior planned to meet for a Daily Standup each day where they would share their personal plans and goals for the conference. This is something that worked very well for Derek and Dave at Agile 2015 and the hope was to continue the practice again in 2016. Only this time around, our team members were to serve as personal accountability partners for one another during their week in Atlanta.

And it worked… for a day… sorta.

In this podcast, they hold a two-part retrospective reviewing their goals, how they were met (or not) and why. It’s all about outcomes…

Personal Accountability Retrospective Show Notes

Part 1 – Dave, Derek and Jim
Part 1 Intro 0:09
Dave’s failure to meet his self care goals, observations and outcomes 1:57
Derek’s Networking Goals and how he met them 4:50
Derek’s Conferencing Persona 8:18
Recharging during the conference (or not) 11:22
The importance of conference buddies 12:35
Jim’s goals for building stronger relationships with co-workers and checking ideas 13:50
It’s not just a social thing 15:20
Jim and Derek’s Thoughts on the sessions 19:27
Dave’s takeaways on emerging topics – 24:40
Predator vs. Prey 25:58
Personal safety and the code of conduct 26:11
Personal Lessons Learned from attending Agile 2016 30:15

Part 2 – Adam, Dave and Katrina
Part 2 Intro 35:08
Katrina’s goals at the conference and how she met them 35:19
Adam’s goals for the conference and how he met them 39:20
Personal Lessons Learned from Agile 2016 42:42
Katrin’a thoughts on intellectual and personal safety 43:50

If you’d like to get in touch with the team you can find them all on Our Guides.

And here’s how to track them down on Twitter:
Adam Asch @adamasch
Katrina Coker @klcoker25
Jim Hayden @jim_hayden85
Derek Huether @derekhuether
Dave Prior @mrsungo

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