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Agile 2018 Interviews: Day Three

Dave Prior Senior Consultant/CST-CRM Specialist
Reading: Agile 2018 Interviews: Day Three

Agile 2018

This year, at Agile 2018, we had a ton of thought leaders from the Agile community stop by the set of SoundNotes to talk about the state of the industry, give us sneak previews of their speaker sessions, and to promote their latest projects/endeavors. As always, it was a blast catching up with everyone and we’re already looking forward to next year.

We streamed all the interviews—live—on our Facebook page, but here they are again…in case you missed them.

Troy Magennis

Keynote speaker Troy Magennis stopped by the booth to talk about his Agile 2018 Session:

What is the Story with Agile Data?

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Larry Maccherone

Larry led a session at Agile 2018 called:

Agile Quantified: Measuring the Impact of Agility

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Dhaval Panchal

Dhaval’s session at Agile 2018 was entitled:

Worm Holes to Product Innovation: Fold your Edges

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Dean Leffingwell

Dean and Dave sat down, at Agile 2018, to talk about how you can use SAFe to drive enterprise-scale innovation. Dean’s also led a session at the conference called:

Driving Enterprise-Scale Innovation with Scaled Agile Framework

For more on the 2018 SAFe Summit (October 1-2, 2018):

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Dennis Stevens

Our very own Chief Methodologist popped in to sit down with Dave and talk shop.

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Bernie Maloney

Bernie and Dave sat down to talk about team collaboration and Bernie’s talk on swarming as a team:

Harness the Hive: Bottom Line Impacts of Team Collaboration.

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Becky Hartman

Agile Alliance Board Member Becky Hartman stopped by to talk about her work with the Alliance, the power of volunteering, and what it was like to move from a Purple Shirt to a Board Member.

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Peter Green

Peter stopped by the set of SoundNotes to tell us a little bit about his history as a professional pass trumpet player, and how that relates to Agile. In addition to a few lightning talks, Peter also led two sessions:

The Surprising Links Between Agile and Jazz and Overcoming Immunity to Change

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John Tanner

John sat down to give us a sneak preview of what his Agile 2018 session: Agile Metrics – A GQM Approach.

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