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Agile Bodhisattvas and Developing Empathy for Change

Dave Prior Senior Consultant/CST-CRM Specialist
Reading: Agile Bodhisattvas and Developing Empathy for Change

In this episode of Sound Notes, we sat down with Enterprise Transformation Consultant, Tim Wise to discuss how people going through organizational transformation can develop empathy for change.

Start 1:48
Tim’s new deliverable: 2:10
Late Adopters of Agile 2:42
Helping them get started 4:21
Having Patience With Latecomers 5:28
Agile Bodhisattvas 6:30
Misplaced Blame for Agile Not Working 6:54
Coaching those who believe “It won’t work here” 7:52
Understanding the true “blockers” to adoption and the importance of not staying in your lane 10:04
Dealing with the cultural change of Agile 13:00
Letting go and learning to trust 14:00
Having patience with those who don’t “get” Agile yet 14:45
The importance of empathy 17:52
Conversations about interactions during transformation 20:22
Changing viewpoints during transformation 23:22
WIP limits in organizational change 25:20
Solving problems with Agile and innovating along the way 27:20
A learning team is a high performing team 27:44
The need for team self-empathy during transformation 28:30
The best Agilist is one that is self-aware and introspective 29:14
The healthy frustration of driving change 31:15
Frustration = Learning 31:50
Tim’s advice for developing greater patience and empathy for change 33:10
Never accept that change can’t happen 34:23
How to contact Tim 35:38

Tim’s Info:

Twitter: @timswise
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