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Back to Basics and Creating Safe Spaces for Learning with Derek Huether

Dave Prior Senior Consultant/CST-CRM Specialist
Reading: Back to Basics and Creating Safe Spaces for Learning with Derek Huether

This podcast features Derek Huether and Dave Prior having a discussion around the idea of getting back to the basics of Agile, understanding why we do things, seeing the value they bring and creating safe spaces for learning while your organization is coping with the challenges of Agile Transformation.

Show Notes

Interview Start 00:08
Topic Introduction: Back to Basics and the importance of asking Why 00:09
An Example: Reporting and figuring out what is needed in terms of reporting 01:41
Give them the information, not the reporting they got used to under waterfall 02:45
If time is currency, how much does the Daily Standup cost? 04:08
Risk mitigation and making a time investment 05:20
When the Daily Scrum isn’t working, is it wasteful? 05:50
Figuring out why things aren’t working 07:19
It’s not what did you do yesterday, it’s what did you finish yesterday 07:55
Going through the motions until you see the impact and understand why 08:44
Taking your hands off the wheel and learning to trust the team 10:30
Learning to trust is hard 11:05
Learning to trust and letting them learn from mistakes – with safety 12:24
Is it failure or learning? 13:22
Creating a safe space for middle management 14:01
Advice for mid level managers who want to do Agile, but aren’t working in a safe space 17:58
How the Agile Manifesto was created with Generous Listening 20:50
Supporting Agile transformation and existing deadlines with supplemental teams 22:02
Show them how to do it instead of telling them how to do it 23:40
Learning Fast, Not Failing Fast 25:48
The Not Touchy/Feely Agile Guy 26:17
It’s all about Money, Time and Coffee 26:40
Reaching Derek on every form of social media known to man 26:50
If you’d like to reach Derek you can find him on the LeadingAgile site at

or on Twitter at

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