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Five Characteristics of Sustainable Agility

Dave Prior
Reading: Five Characteristics of Sustainable Agility

Since joining our team in December, we finally tracked down Dan Greening to record a podcast around agile base patterns. Listen in as we discuss an overview of the Five Characteristics of Sustainable Agility.


Show Notes:

Interview Start 1:48

A little about Dan 2:28

Five Characteristics of Sustainable Agility 4:04

Pattern 1 – Measuring Economic Progress (Leading Indicators) 5:04

Pattern 2 – Proactively Experiment for Improvement 8:45

Pattern 3 – Limit Work in Process 10:31

Clarification on Limiting Work in Process for the Five Characteristics of Sustainable Agility 11:30

Pattern 4 – Collective Responsibility 24:31

Pattern 5 – Solve Systemic Problems 28:49

Want more: 

Dan’s profile on LeadingAgile:

Dan’s blog on SenexRex

Dan on LinkedIn:

Dan on Twitter:

Dan’s email:

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Dave Prior has been leading technology projects and teaching individuals and teams how to manage their work for over 20 years.

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