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Q&A: Estimation and Meeting Sprint Commitments w/ Derek Huether

Dave Prior Senior Consultant/CST-CRM Specialist
Reading: Q&A: Estimation and Meeting Sprint Commitments w/ Derek Huether

For this episode of SoundNotes, we reached out to some of the students who have taken CSM and CSPO classes over the last few months. We got a lot of great questions and will be responding to them over the next few weeks. This week, Derek Huether and Dave Prior respond to these two questions:

Question 1:

My team seems to have a problem with estimating and understanding the estimating concepts.  The team members are accustomed to traditional waterfall projects and estimating everything in units of time.  How can I help them understand estimating, but continue to complete the sprints with no pbis rolling over to the next sprint?

Question 2:

I have a team lead who is skeptical of scrum, especially metrics related to the process. He doesn’t think carryover matters from sprint to sprint as long as we’re “creating value” and getting the program priorities completed. Any advice on how to convince him that metrics can be a tool for good, and that the sanctity of the sprint commitment matters?

Links from the Podcast

If you’d like to check out the Multiple Team Throughput Forecasting Tool that Troy Magennis has created for use with multiple teams who have different ways of estimating work, you can find it (and his other tools) here:

For an audio only version of the podcast click here.

Contacting Derek

If you’d like to contact Derek you can reach him at:

Contacting Dave

If you’d like to contact Dave you can reach him at:

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