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Tracking and Reporting: What Should The PMO Be Measuring? w/ Derek Huether

Dave Prior
Reading: Tracking and Reporting: What Should The PMO Be Measuring? w/ Derek Huether

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For any organization moving to Agile, the question of how to handle tracking and reporting is going to present challenges. If you are moving from a traditional environment, there may be an expectation (dependency) on traditional forms of reporting. If you’re starting out with an electronic tool, there may be a wide range of reporting options.

Just because you can create a report, doesn’t mean you should. If your audience doesn’t know how to digest the information, you may create cognitive dissonance and (cue inner Yoda voice) dissonance leads to confusion, confusion leads to fear, and fear leads to “help”. #thatwassarcasm

Derek Huether recently put up two blog entries that dig into come of the challenges that come with determining what to track and how to report on it.   In this episode of SoundNotes, Derek and Dave pick up the conversation but come at it from a different angle.  If your PMO is stuck the middle of some quasi-agile/waterfall environment and trying to figure out how to provide meaningful information to the folks upstairs, this podcast may be able to help.

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