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Mike Cottmeyer

Predictability over High Performance? My Journey Learning to Play the Guitar


Okay… taking a quick detour to address something that’s come up several times as a result of my last few blog posts. I made an assertion several few posts ago that most executives value predictability over adaptation. As a result, this is a first order goal for us at LeadingAgile. We always coach our clients […]

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How to Make Commitments in the Face of Uncertainty


Here’s my third post in what is shaping up to be a nice little series. The first post I explored what problems executives are trying to solve with agile. I suggested that a lot of times adaptability was not the primary driver… execs are most concerned with delivering predictably, with high quality, and in a […]

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Is Your Business Model A Good Fit For Agile?


After I’ve asked a room full of executives what problems they are trying to solve, the next thing I’ll often do is try to help them understand… and me understand… their operating model. I want to know if they are in a business where it is okay to make it up the product as you […]

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