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Mike Cottmeyer

What Problems Are Executives Trying To Solve With Agile?


Like I mentioned in my last post, the problem we think most execs are trying to solve with agile (are we building the right product), isn’t the problem they are actually trying to solve with agile. Walking into a room of senior vice presidents talking about empowering teams, enabling them to inspect and adapt, and figuring […]

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Are We Solving The Right Problem?


It’s been a funny transition the past few years as agile has gone more and more mainstream. You used to have to start every talk with an explanation of the Agile Manifesto… you don’t have to do that anymore, people generally get it. You used to have to start every talk with an explanation of […]

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Gaining Support for a Sustainable Agile Transformation


Here is the talk that Dennis and I did at the Agile2013 conference. The talk basically went over how to create safety and visibility for management when doing an enterprise wide agile transformation. The talk was received well… got some great feedback! Agile2013 sustainable change from Dennis Stevens

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